Desktop Migration Software for Windows

  • New Desktops

    Capturing user personas and moving an entire desktop of files, passwords, registry keys and favourites to a new destination without interrupting workflow of the end-user.

  • Moving from 2003

    Don't worry, you are not the only ones far behind. Many large company's just have not been able to change some desktops with critical data, safely and securely or without compliance issues.

  • Moving from XP

    Fully compatible conversion of files and safely migrate across the user personas full data for a seamless migration into the version the organisation has set for policy.

  • Upgrades, Windows 7, Windows 8 to Windows 10

    The only dedicated migration tool for Windows Desktops that has the proven capacity to move desktops and upgrades into Windows 10 with virtually zero impact.

  • Roaming Profiles

    Occasionally there is a need to have access from several locations at different times, for those workers in the field or remote travellers who need to have all their data: capture the personas at the current location and store safely for them and provide access.

  • Government & Education Special Licensing

    Komputer Kraft Consulting (KKC) & Tranxition have a special licensing agreement for Government & Education Sectors in Australia & Zealand & The Pacific Islands, please contact KKC to learn more.

Enterprise Desktop Migration for Windows

Enterprise Desktop Migration for Windows

Migration Manager automatically captures, for an entire set of users, Microsoft Office applications and Windows settings and also supports Office 365. The Solution automatically migrates user settings cross-Office and cross OS versions simultaneously, directly to Windows 10 from Windows XP, or Windows 7 to Windows 7 or 10, and Office 2003, 2007, 2010, and 2013 to the same or later version. Support for Office 2016 is complete and ready.

Rapid, Accurate and Secure

Rapid, Accurate and Secure

The Solution delivers PC Transfer at a proven rate of 1GB in under 60 seconds, 80GB in 45 minutes and at 99.99% reliability across large networks as reported by users. The migration success is almost flawless. Migration Manager software saves organizations around the world real money with proven case studies and track records. The largest aerospace companies, governments, law firms and global banks, research labs and media have used the Tranxition Solution to manage their desktop migrations.


Desktop Migration Projects using Tranxition Technology

Windows XP, W7 & W8 Migrations to Windows 10

  • 99.9%Data Succcess Rate
  • 2400000+Desktops Migrated
  • 500+Company's Particpated


What does your tool do that USMT can't?

Tranxition’s tool captures 10,000 settings in total. USMT for example only moves 12-14 settings in Microsoft Word, where Tranxition moves over 500 settings for MS Word. USMT takes significantly longer to operate. Tranxition Migration Manager has a Better Command Line Design. Deep Logging for better auditing and USMT cannot perform an extraction while users are logged in.

Some business areas have poor network connectivity, how is this managed?

Tranxition Migration Manager can also be run from a local server, external hard-drive or USB Stick.

How long does it take to configure the tool to perform a migration?

The drop down and select method of Migration manager makes it extremely fast and easy to select, in a matter of hours the entire policy can be set for all users as to what is to be migrated across, to including or excluding certain files, enabling desk clean up at the same time. The actual Extraction takes on average 1 minute per GB of data. A typical average Extraction is in the range of 10-20GB of data (obviously some extractions take longer due to the amount of files, videos & pictures on some User's PC's.)

Can Migration Manager handle going from a device with C & D drives to one with just a C drive

Through Migration manager, one can redirect folders and files to wherever you like, wherever you have set the destination- this is entered into the solution.

How are endusers discovered?

Migration Manager integrates with the local LDAP, all connected PCs are then available for Extractions and Injections.

How do I enforce group policy configuration for roaming profiles

In order for Migration Manager to work properly in a Roaming Profiles environment, the account running Migration Manager operations must have access to all profile resources. The best way to provide the access to Migration Manager in a Roaming Profiles environment is to have the Administrators security group have "Full Control" over Roaming Profiles. This means that the account that runs Migration Manager on target systems must be part of the built-in Administrators group ( more on the Migration Manager User’s Guide Page 17 )